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I felt this deserved its own post. Did some more digging and found this MySpace post, which appears to confirm that the accusations were in fact true: (potentially triggering)
Friday, January 11, 2008

kayden420 leaves the adult industry
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Jan 09
hey there, so after 2 shoots gone bad (a company that is using my work that didnt pay me and a company that under paid me and beat me) i have decided to no longer work in the adult industry. it isnt what it used to be to me, seems like as time goes on i see the truth in the industry and i dont like it. don't get me wrong the people in the industry are great and most of them are my friends.

yesterday was my last scene, after coming home my body was so weak i couldnt do anything but lay in bed. i couldnt sleep do to the tourment i took earlier in the day i even had bad dreams no joke. not to mention rope burn, caning marks, my breast were beat so bad that i have lumps in both of them and i have a bruise that runs horizontal across my ENTIRE lower back .i was pounded to the point where it feels like i was punched in the uterus (ladies you know that pain im talking about).

im still going to run my work and produce content for it, but no more films.
im going back to working the 9 to 5 baby!

updated 1/10/08
so after 2 doctors appointments and opinions.. i have deep tissue bruising all over my body, and as for my breast both docs have said they feel many contunsions in them and both felt something that they were both concerned that they found a mass in my left breast and i had to get a ultrasound of both breasts :( as for my bad dreams that have been haunting me i have been given ambien to help me sleep. when i had gotten home this afternoon and had taken a zanny bar and for the first time in 2 days i felt great none stop laughing kinda like the way it is when you smoke for your first time and then i passed the fuck out and just recently woke up and needless to say i started writing this about 20 minutes ago... :)
Needless to say, I'm really quite bothered now. Everything people have said here and on the duplicate post I made to my LJ has suggested that this kind of thing is completely out of the ordinary for That's how they've always seemed to me as well, so this still seems quite surprising to me.

Unless what happened is that she consented to it all and didn't like it later -- but even there, the kind of thing she's describing really doesn't seem to me like the sort of thing a person signs up for and then backs out of. Heavy SM is usually something people know they're getting into when they sign up for.

I had deep bruising from a scene once, because I was new and neither I nor my tops knew what I could actually handle. It was miserable for me... but the thing was, I didn't walk away feeling that no one cared. They cared very much, and watched my healing like a hawk, offered me the use of a hot tub as I healed, etc. Ms. Faye doesn't say here exactly how they reacted or responded, so maybe she's just feeling spooked, but even that raises at least a small red flag to me. If you're someone's top and you go too far and they're not OK, it's your *responsibility* to do as much to set things right as possible.


Anonymous said...

This was posted on the 'adult dvd forum':

Response from Marty, the Director of

"As the director of this shoot, I can tell you that the shoot did not happen the way it was described here. The model was treated with dignity and respect, exactly how we treat every model. I gave her as much information about the scene as possible, and let her know that she was in control.

I let her know that it's ultimately up to her with how intense the shoot will be and that we'd work within her limits and what she was comfortable with. I made sure she knew her safe word, which was "red" and that if a gag was in her mouth, her non-verbal safe word would then be "uh-uh" or to shake her head from side to side. As I do with all models, I checked in with her multiple times throughout each scene and made sure she was ok even without her using the safe word.

Before the shoot, she let us know that she was on her period. She specifically requested to try anal and was very excited about it, though it was to be her first time. We gave her plenty of time off camera to prep and there was no blood on the dildo after.

It was cold in that particular set and we realized that one heater wasn't enough, so we added a second heater that warmed the set up. There was running water in the room but it was completely dry around the shooting area.

We used a small shocking device that she agreed to have tested on her without cameras to see if she was ok with it and she said it was fine. In the post interview she actually says that the shocker was scary but wasn't actually as painful as she expected.

I, along with the rest of the staff, did everything possible to make her experience a safe, consensual, sane and enjoyable as possible. She absolutely was not forced to do anything against her will. She showed no signs of being traumatized after the shoot. She seemed happy and in good spirits.

The pre & post interviews are being encoded right now, and we will be posting them here on GFY so that everyone can view for themselves.


Director of"

I believe this would be the set in question:

If so, the name of the top is 'Isis Love'.

Anonymous said...

And in the preview, she says in the post-scene interview that she is smiling and says that she'd do a scene with them again.

Of course, it's possible that the scene that went horribly wrong was done after this one and never put on the site.

Carpenter said...

look, if you have her myspace why don't you write to her and request a comment? Also she could well have been beaten and been unaware of how bruised she was for a little while, internal bleeding doesn't happen fast.

Trinity said...


Yeah, I saw Marty's post on it. I was actually assuming that was the end of it all until I found Kayden's post about it, which called the whole thing into question again for me.

From Kayden's post, it's clear that she didn't safeword, and that Ricky D added a lot either from anger or from fear or confusion. So this isn't a cut and dried rape on film, or something like that.

But something really does concern me in Kayden's post... that being the bruising on her lower back. From my LJ:

A giant, deep bruise on her LOWER BACK?

Not to play safety cop here, but, well, the lower back is generally considered to be someplace one either "shouldn't" hit, or at the very least someplace one is very careful about. I can't think of any reason why someone's lower back should be that bruised up, even in a heavy scene. And if I could think of a reason, I'd still be somewhat leery of the idea of someone doing such a thing in a paid setting, where profit can make people "tough out" things they otherwise wouldn't or even shouldn't.

This doesn't change that the vast majority of people I've heard from who work for have said it's a dream outfit to work for. Or the possibility that this woman, despite having worked for them a couple times before, may really not have been the sort of person K.c is looking for.

BUT there's something about this that doesn't sound right to me at all, and because of this I want to know both more about the model herself and more about the top. Who was s/he? What did s/he think she was getting, or doing?"

"But what concerns me in spite of it all are the bruises on the lower back. There's just something about that that I can't figure out. I mean, like I said, I can play somewhat heavy myself when I feel like it, and I'm no safety cop. But it seems to me that the lower back is an area where one has at least got to be careful. So I'm trying to figure out what in the world would cause deep bruising there and not coming up with much beyond either "an asshole top" or "an idiot top."

Because, well... for someone like KF who does not appear to ever have BEEN a lifestyler, I can't imagine it ever coming up, like it might in the kink world, "oh, I've been at this ten years, you can bruise me severely ANYWHERE and I take full responsibility."

So... whether it was assault/violence or whether this was KF consenting but then deciding "this really isn't for me," it still sounds to me like someone at least dropped the ball somewhere, and that concerns me."

Trinity said...

"look, if you have her myspace why don't you write to her and request a comment?"

Because there is nothing on this Earth that will induce me to get a MySpace.

But if you would like to head over and ask her for me, I'd love to see what she's got to say about it eight months later.

Anonymous said...

Because, well... for someone like KF who does not appear to ever have BEEN a lifestyler, I can't imagine it ever coming up, like it might in the kink world, "oh, I've been at this ten years, you can bruise me severely ANYWHERE and I take full responsibility."

So... whether it was assault/violence or whether this was KF consenting but then deciding "this really isn't for me," it still sounds to me like someone at least dropped the ball somewhere, and that concerns me."

My thoughts exactly. There does appear to be at least some issue of "informed consent" at the very least, and it is very worrying.

Iamcuriousblue said...

I also posted about this over at your blog, though I forgot to log in:

It looks like you did the same digging I did a few months ago and came up with the same thing. (Only I thought Kayden Faye had gotten rid of her MySpace blog since then.) I even mentioned it over on Figleaf's blog when he posted about

It surprised the hell out of me too, because the vast majority of first-hand info I've heard about discuss it highly as a very above-board, ethical workplace. And then – this. In part, I think it might have had to do with the fact that when they expanded production, they started bringing in regular porn models who may not have a previous experience with BDSM, and I think Kayden Faye was one of them. That's not an excuse, and if anything, that means they should have been extra careful.

But I haven't spoken of Kink as an example of an ethical porn company in a while now after reading about this.

(As for her comment about the company that didn't pay her, I believe that was in connection with a non-porn advertising gig, which underlines that how there are users all over the place.)

Trinity said...

Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you're saying, IACB.

Anonymous said...

let's say that someone working at the fucking donut factory fell into a fucking machine and got all fucked up

whose responsibility is it?

'oh but we asked them to jump into the machine.. and they knew they might get fucked up and agreed to it'

fucking bullshit.

this is PR.. these people are not worried about 'models', they are worried about MONEY.

if they were worried, they would have their actors in a union and they would pay them scale. like any other fucking 'filmmaker'.

Anonymous said...

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