Saturday, 21 April 2007

Calling all SM feminists...

I'm still getting my head around blogger (total technoklutz here), but I would like to invite anyone interested in writing material for this blog to comment and gimme your email so I can add you as authors.

Doesn't need to be new writing or thinking - you could repost something older from your own blog, or a link to another piece of writing, or imagery, or whatever. Just anything that might help create a decent internet resource for SMers who identify as feminist, all in one place.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Not another fluffy blog...

I set up this blog because when I typed 'SM feminist' into google, the first thing to come up was my measly, filtered little personal livejournal.

So I thought instead of ranting at my poor, longsuffering LJ friends continually, or pissing off the UK BDSM community with the same, I'd create a space specifically for SM-positive feminist writing, theorising, critiquing the SM critiques, and questioning how our splinter group and the feminist community might find ways of reconciling differences.

I like the idea of eventually building some kind of network for SM feminists, with regular blogs from a variety of authors. This blog is not by association rigidly anti-censorship or pro-porn, and I rather like the idea of someone putting forward a pro-SM, anti-porn argument here!

At feminist events or blogs I've contributed to in the past, I've tended to keep the BDSM talk fluffy. Well, that's not what this blog is about. Discussion and debate is encouraged, but abusive comments are not. Still, I have no intention of deleting or censoring. This is a free space.