Thursday, 27 November 2008


I was going to post something serious and thoughtful right now, but, well, uh... HOLY SHIT!

I got an email from someone who told me she found this site hunting around for resources on SM and feminism, and wondered just how easy it was to find... so, well, here, let me show you:

(1:03:39 PM) trinityva: but wow, is sm feminist that easy to find
(1:03:48 PM) trinityva: maybe i shou;d see how far up on google ha
(1:04:02 PM) lugalzagazzi: Hee! Let me know ;-)
(1:04:21 PM) trinityva: omg
(1:04:22 PM) trinityva: omg
(1:04:24 PM) trinityva: #1
(1:04:25 PM) trinityva: ...
(1:04:31 PM) trinityva: *falls over dead from yay*


(ETA: It's not #1 for "sadomasochism and feminism", but it is also #1 for "s&m and feminism" as well.)


Roy Kay said...

Well, whadaya expect. Google is a tool of the patriarchy.

"Heh heh. He said 'tool'." /Beavis

Good content and active. It really should be.

Trinity said...

Thank you :)

Gaina said...

'*falls over dead from yay*'.

Haha that last bit cracked me up :).

Ve said...

Awesome and well deserved!

verte said...

Fucking YEAH! Just read your message on LJ, btw. I'll reply today.

Helen said...

heh, that's how i found you

site said...

In my opinion everyone must browse on this.

Anonymous said...

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