Monday, 13 April 2009


Sure, I can do that.

I've talked about this before. A lot, honestly.

But here we go. People who don't like me, or what I do, or my people, I have a challenge for you all, and I'm all hyped up on way the fuck too much aggrotech right now (and oh my Goddess, does it feel good) and have no problems throwing down the fucking gauntlet. So:

Where exactly is my gold star from the patriarchy?

Come on now, where is it? Your eternal refrain since 1987 has been that I'm a colluder. Okay, tell me some shit.

When I laid there awake at night wondering when the second bath of hormones would come, the ones that would make me into what people told me a woman was in mind rather than just in body, eager to spread and be covered and entered and give myself over to the hairy, muscled, smelling thing called a real man, where was it?

Because to hear you all tell it, the hell no, I will not that screamed out of my soul and all the fantasies that came out of that, many of them cruel and violent? That's all collusion, the norm with reversed polarity.

When I was hungrily reading stories about demon bitches with foot-long, razor-sharp nails, tearing rapists to shreds from the inside (yeah, meaning there), where was rape culture's representative telling me I'd gotten it... right?

That's the thing I never got. I never understood why feminists would think of me as the enemy, when part of what made me is revenge.

Do you all really think I don't know the world I'm waking up to? Do you really think I don't know it in my bones, the rhythms of it pulping me half to death?

Do you really, really, think I don't live in the same world as you?

Bend over. Dress up. Wear frills. Perfume yourself. Always let him make the first move.

You really think I heard that and licked my lips and said whatever you say, baby? You really really really honest to Hell think that for reals?

You really think I sat there going maybe I'd get more attention if I pouted like a magazine and added a whip?

You really don't think I want to make that compulsory conformity asshole bullshit bleed?

You really don't get that part of what I'm getting off on is doing that?

You really think sitting around drawing up charts about who should fuck and how is scarier to Dude Nation than I am?

Open your fucking eyes.


Anonymous said...

Ah well. I hear the Gold Stars are really iron pyrite, so maybe not such a big loss after all.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Do you think maybe the whole Patriarchy is built out of iron pyrite?

truckstopbird said...

"..I've talked about this before. A lot, honestly..."

Have you, really?...gosh, that's an important first statement. Especially the 'honestly' bit, makes me feel so reassured.

It really did open my fucking eyes, though. At last I understood; you really ARE a fucking twat, Trinity!

Bean said...

I think they really do think that for reals. Because that's what the theory says.

Which, really, just says something about how far removed from reality the theory is.

truckstopbird: You'd probably get more mileage out of directly attacking scared and confused teenagers instead of the more secure adults they turn out to be.

Trinity said...

Bean: Yeah, exactly. I don't think they GET that theory and reality have to be at least slightly related.

"no, no, the SUN goes around the EARTH! you're CONTRADICTING GOD if you say otherwise!"

Anonymous said...

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