Monday, 21 May 2007

Oh yeah--one more thing.

Not -as- big a deal, but: even if you don't wish to get a blogger account (understandable, goddam blogger) or use your regular pseud, please, at least either

1) click the "other" option when signing in and pick another pseud for the purposes of posting here

2) sign your name/pseud at the bottom of the "anon" post.

Because otherwise, speaking of 'bots, it gets very Cylon-esque. "Well, Anon, I think Anon has a point, what do -you- think, Anon? Right, Anon, that's it, you're banned...oh."

"Malkovitch Malkovitch Malkovitch Maaaaalkotviiiiitch...."


JackGoff said...

I would bet that even this won't work. I SERIOUSLY want, and have notified them as such, an option that wil allow both "Other" options and disalow the "Anonymous" option. Would help a smidgen, but a smidgen nonetheless.

belledame222 said...

well, what I plan is, if people refuse to name themselves--well, one, they're Not Being Sportive, and will probably be going bye-bye shortly anyway; meantime, I can always give them a name for my own purposes.