Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Anonymous troll

In response to this fine post of Trinity's and vaguely related discussion, the following comment recently appeared:

Anonymous said...
I am a friend of Glenn Marcus, and having known him for years, (since 1998, met him in person in 2003) and having spoken to both him and the complaining woman, Jodi, I can say with 100% certainty that the jury believed her lies. To convict, the jury had to overlook so much...that she stayed in touch with him after her supposed escape, went camping, had fun, other things as well. I was in a BDSM relationship with Mr Marcus as well, and from that, I also know he acted with full and informed consent. I believe the jury WAS biased, and acquitted on obscenity because they didnt understand what the statute meant. They asked the Court several times for explanations on the definition of "obscenity"

They convicted because they saw the images on the site and were horrified; vanilla jury could not concieve of consenting to that, so they believed Jodi did not either. As Glenn Marcus was involved in consenting adult acts, it WAS BDSM.


Dear Anon,

I might be more prepared to give you some credence if you hadn't ranted about wanting to slaughter the bitch ...


Trinity said...

Neither one of them sounds all that stable, honestly.

I mean, yeah, I'd have violent fantasies about harming someone too if she ruined a friend's/lover's life. But I'd hope I'd realize that it's not helping my case any to make all that public and to follow discussions of the case around, saying the same things over and over hoping futilely that some kinkster somewhere on LiveJournal will listen.

Meese, if you really know what really happened and want to help Glenn, put your energy into appeals, not into whining on blogs.

Trinity said...

(addendum: I'm not saying I believe Glenn wasn't an abusive ass. SIGNS POINT TO YES. And tons of my friends are the "24/7/Master/slave/ownership/whateveryawannacallit" type. So there's no reason I wouldn't know.)

belledame222 said...

oh goodie, more Other Peoples' Dwama. zzzZZZZzzz. and, what trin said.

Anonymous said...

Hi there....
My blog is about my feelings. YOU state yourself youd have violent FANTASIES. It seems hypocritical to me thatrge feelings you state you would have given a similar situation you damn me for expressing. In NO way do I ACTUALLY want to harm her, non consensual acts are as anathema to me as they are to Glenn. My thoughts are NOT warm and fuzzy, but they are authentic, and my blog is about processing my feelings. Do you lambast Steven King for his dark words as well?

And, there was no abuse. The signs you saw were manufactured by a lying prosecutor and a lying witness. And, I intend to help in the appeal any way I can.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm going to keep this simple. I don't know Glenn, but I certainly know Jodi. I dated her for a year after she had left Glenn. We met several months after she left him and had gotten her own apartment. We met online, in an AOL chat room called Classy Handsome Men. After talking a few times we decided to meet and had our first meeting at a museum which was showing the sketchings of Da Vinci. We hit it off right away and began dating from that point. For the first few times that we saw each other nothing was ever mentioned about any of this. However, one evening while at her apartment, I was looking at her computer and found a picture of her. It wasn't sexual in nature, or hint of any type of BDSM, though the picture looked radically different then the way she looked at the time of our meeting. In the picture her hair was very short. In the beginning, Glenn demanded she cut all her hair off...to which she DID consent. The clothing she was wearing was very different in style. When I asked her about it she sat down and had a very worried look on her face. She said she had something that she had to tell me. It was then that she told me of her relationship with Glenn. As she was telling me, I could easily see she was very upset. Later, she told me she was worried because she really liked me, and was afraid that after hearing about that relationship, I would not want to date her anymore. She didn't go into explicit detail at that point, though later she did tell me certain things. She did at that time tell me about the website and the pictures, and if I wanted , she would show me the site. I declined. I could sense that she had a great deal of shame about these pictures, and really for me, I had no need to see them. I really liked her, and I certainly didn't want pictures of that nature haunting me. As our relationship continued, she asked me why I never was curious about what happened, and why I didn't question her about it. I told her simply that I didn't care about her past, I liked her for who she was...that's what mattered to me. That was then...this was now. When the subject did come up she would tell me that she was very afraid that Glenn would send pictures to her parents. There were several times when Glenn would call her apartment while I was there. Once he called at 3am in the morning asking her to go with him and another woman to a strip club. I would ask her why she even bothered to answer the phone or talk to him at all, at which point she would bring up her fear of his sending pictures to her parents. I tried to get her to change her phone number. She would absolutely refuse. I could tell that she was literally terrified. Glenn's friend says that Jodi lied. I know she didn't. I believe that many of the things that did go on she DID give her consent. She told me that herself. There was a night when he had her tied to a wall, and he told her that he would deal with her when he got up,when she said it became very clear to her that she wanted to get out of the relationship. She wanted to leave.Consent was gone, but fear remained.She also told me of the night when he had her tied to a beam...and something that wasn't brought out in the trial...at least from what I've read...Glenn branded Jodi. He branded one of her butt cheeks...his initial G. No, I do not know Glenn...luckily for him...but I do know Jodi. I know her well enough to know that she is not a liar. Yes, there was consent for a period of time, but there was a time when that consent was gone and her compliance was from fear and terror. I'm glad I didn't know all the details of what Glenn did to her. If I had known while I was going out with her I would have done something very foolish.