Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Letters from Gehenna: The World on a Slant: The Shareef Don't Like It

Kiya from Letters From Gehenna has collected an amazing compendium of links related to the latest dust-up in the feminist blogiverse.

Letters from Gehenna: The World on a Slant: The Shareef Don't Like It

I'd comment myself, but it's time I should be making sleeps, and I'm not sure there's much more to say, really. A lot of the people in these conversations are just absolutely rock-bottom certain that BDSM is inherently abusive and no one truly consents to it.

In the face of such faith, brilliant enough to blind some very intelligent eyes, what is there to say? I'll continue to tell my story; maybe some, eventually, will listen, and not run through the same set of grooves in her head.


Dw3t-Hthr said...

Well, mostly the link collection was an excuse to link thirty or so posts of mine talking about and exploring all of the stuff that some people are so vehement about assuming that "our side" doesn't discuss.

As I said at the end, after all of that, what else is there for me to say? How can these people be answered?

Trinity said...

"As I said at the end, after all of that, what else is there for me to say? How can these people be answered?"

That's the thing. Anything that they don't agree with gets dismissed as insufficient "examination."

It's fundamentalism plain and simple. It requires that the evidence fit the conclusion, rather than that the evidence lead to it.

Dw3t-Hthr said...

Hah, found something I hadn't said. Now I've said it.

Take that, "This is all evul trampling menz taking advantage of innocent wimminz" wadfem brigade.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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