Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I actually can't edit the link list here...

...but here's a useful link.

Orlando C is collating results from studies of BDSM and has posted them here:


Personally I'd like to, if at all possible, see links to the studies themselves, but this collation is great. From my admittedly not-thorough perusal, it looks like many of the results he cites are from the book Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures, which collected studies and articles about BDSM (and which if I recall right was originally a special issue of a particular journal, but I may be misremembering that.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Trinity.

Thanks also for continuing to contribute a level of reasonableness and open-minded thought to that whole ongoing "bdsm is like renaissance faires" discussion at ND's. I half feel compelled to chime in, but more, I want the thread to die.

Other than yourself, no one on it seems motivated to find common ground for discussion at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Trinity. The book you are thinking of is a re-publication of a 2006 special issue of the Journal of Homosexuality. I don't think everything in the journal made its way into the book, though.

In the bibliography, I've linked through to the articles that are available online in open-access formats. Since I'm not an academic, I find it frustrating to see links to JSTOR or whatever that I can't open. In those cases, I'd rather just use the citation.

Trinity said...

Yeah, that's it! I have a copy of the book that I was using for some academic work, and a few copies of some other studies.

Have you seen this one?

Ernulf, Kurt E. and Innala, Sune M. "Sexual Bondage: A Review and Unobtrusive Investigation." Archives of Sexual Behavior, 24, no.6, (1995)

I found it interesting for the reasons it gave.

I was also working with these

Desrochers, Stephan. "What Types of Men Are Most Attractive and Most Repulsive to Women?" Sex Roles. 32, nos. 5/6 (1995)

Ickes, William. "Traditional Gender Roles: Do They Make, and Then Break, Our Relationships?" Journal of Social Issues. 49, no. 3 (1993)

Kimlicka, Thomas M, et al. "Sex Roles of Ideal Opposite Sexed Persons for College Males and Females." Journal of Personality Assessment, 46, No 5 (1982)

...which didn't directly deal with BDSM itself, but did deal with people's attractions to perceived "masculinity" and "femininity," including the whole stereotype of masculinity as dominance and femininity as submission.

Lissy said...

oooooh kinky research... thanks for the link Trinity and thanks Orlando for the site!

Anonymous said...

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